Eastern European Representative:

Address: Min-DenT 69 Bt Budapest, Hungary 1073 Erzsébet krt. 8

EMAIL: info@gigaalaser.hu

Dr. Szabó Róbert TEL: +36 30 924 3256

Varga Dávid TEL: +36 20 529 0709


Wuhan Gigaa Optronics Technology Co Ltd

CE certificate by:

TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH
Tillystraße 2, 90431, Nürnberg, Germany
Certificate No.: 15057712 001
Issue date: 2013-08-05
Expiry date: 2018-04-06

510K number: K142078

CFDA number: 2012/ 3240776

Main Products: Medical Diode Laser systems and Accessories.

  • Integrates Innovation, Manufacturing and Own R&D
  • Total Clinical Treatments Solutions
  • Providing Attractive, High-quality Products and Services with DILAS
  • Clinical Research and Training Course All Over the World

Company history

2005  Founded in Wuhan, China.

2006  Customized laser systems for military use.

2007  Finished the ALA-PDT laser system and promote it on the market with Shanghai Fudan-Zhangjiang Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Meanwhile, GIGAALASER finished the Dentsmile 5w for dental market and VELAS 30w for surgery market. This is the first time we enter the medical diode laser systems market.

2008  The fledgling company expands its business all over the world and approved the CE0482 and ISO13485. Then we developed the new models we called CHEESE and HPLAS. The very smart mini CHEESE is indicates for laser dentistry and high power HPLAS is special for BPH treatment in Urology.

2009  R&D Technicians have gone to Germany for advanced technology training. GIGAALASER has become the member of China Association for Medical Devices Industry (CAMDI), and built the R&D center with the support of Wuhan Laser Association of Optics Valley of China.

2010  We launched annual clinical technology conference in Urology in Venezuela and Korea with the very famous urologist XiuHeng Liu. The CHEESE dental diode laser system has approved the patent for invention, and we expanded the VELAS for 60w and developed the HPLAS200W and HPLASII with Dual-wavelength. The HPLASII is the most advance technology in BPH treatment.

2011  GIGAALASER has become as “National high and new technology enterprise”, with SFDA, the products can sell in China market. So we updated the VELAS to VELASII and expanded the VELASII with 15w 1470nm, special for EVLA treatment. At the same time, we finished the GBOX system and introduced on MEDICA 2011 in Germany.

2012  There is a new building in the High-Tech medical device park in Biolake special for GIGAALASER, totally 3000 Square meters to enhance the business. The HPLAS 200W approved the patent for invention, and we also finished the VELASII 15w 1210nm for liposuction and Gbox 10w 1064nm for Podiatry therapy.

2013  We changed the CE certificates to CE0197. There are 3 types new products will be introduced, HERA 600w 810nm for hair removal, 3w iPEN laser for dentistry and 15w iPLAM high power therapy laser for home health market.

2014  VELAS Pro with LVT handpiece set and 532nm KTP laser have entered the market, and we have displayed the CHEESEII prototype on MEDICA in Germany.

2015  CHEESEII will coming out soon.

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